Meals on Wheels by ACC Asks Congress to “SAVELUNCH”!

By Michelle Bustamante, Program Specialist  |  2017-09-12

Sacramento, CA (MPG) - Meals on Wheels by ACC along with thousands of others are making our voices heard by participating in the national “SaveLunch” campaign. Help us send a message to Congress and other elected officials to stop budget cuts and save senior nutrition programs across the country.

Meals on Wheels by ACC provides much needed meals to nearly 1,500 homebound seniors, many of whom depend on our program as their main source of nutrition and socialization. Another 900 seniors gather to enjoy nutritious meals and the companionship of friends at one of our 20 All Seasons Café’s throughout Sacramento.

Meals on Wheels by ACC is more than just a meal, for many the daily or weekly visits from our volunteer drivers may be their only connection to the outside world, their only smile, their only friend.  

Each Meals on Wheels by ACC participant has been provided a paper plate in which to write a message to their local congressperson, we invite you to join us in this effort. On September 15th we will be sending hundreds of paper plate messages to our elected officials, we would like yours to be one of them, and together we can “SaveLunch”.

Please send your paper plate to:

Meals on Wheels by ACC, 7375 Park City Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831

For more information about the “SaveLunch” Campaign or to learn how to become a Meals on Wheels by ACC volunteer, please call (916) 444-9533.

Source: Meals on Wheels

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Stand Up Against Bullying September 15th

By Rick Reed  |  2017-09-12

Mr. Robinson

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG) - The Black Belts aren’t going to take it. They want you to know how to avoid conflict, stop a bully and share confidence that comes from knowing self-defense. Bullies are not going away. Will your family have the tools they need to counter unwanted aggression?

Let Robinson’s Taekwondo Black Belts raise your personal awareness to avoid conflict, share strategy on short-circuiting or diverting a Bully and at last resort how to fight back!

This free family friendly workshop is being held at participating Robinson’s TKD locations in the Sacramento region. Reserve space by registering to join us in battling bullying with knowledge, planning and self-defense skills your whole family can learn.

Join us for this 90-minute community service event Friday, September 15, 2017 beginning at 6pm.

Everyone is welcome and families are urged to attend together as we all stand against bullying in the Sacramento community!

Bullying is not going away and the only way to fight back is by learning how to cope, avoid danger and fight back. Bullying at school, on the streets, at home or at work Sacramento can say ‘We are not going to take it anymore’ alongside the Black Belts of Robinson’s TKD.

Robinson’s has nine Sacramento regional locations, please visit to find a school near you, register to reserve space for your family at this special community service event. Or Click:

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Join Us for a Fun and Informative Afternoon

By Suzanne Jones  |  2017-09-08

Yes, politics can be fun! Come and join the interesting ladies of SRWF for lunch. Photo courtesy SRWF

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG) - Calling all conservative women!  Please join us for a fun, informative and delicious afternoon.  The Sacramento Republican Women Federated are hosting their monthly luncheon on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.  This month our guest speaker is Debbie Bacigalupi.  Debbie will tell us all about “Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development”.  If you have never heard of this, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to be well informed about Agenda 21 and how it will affect you! 

According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social, and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.  Those that believe in “sustainability” insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction. 

In addition to becoming a well informed citizen, this is a great opportunity to meet a wonderful group of like-minded women from the Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Gold River areas.  We meet for a delicious “sit down” lunch in a beautiful setting at 11:30 am., September 12 for the very reasonable price of $25.  This month our menu includes Pork Loin, New York Cheesecake with Berry Sauce, coffee and tea.  For more information please visit our website   or call Suzanne at 916-947-9241.  Reservations are required. 

Our luncheon for the next month will be on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 11:30 am.

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Rising Star Jennifer Reason Performs at Pioneer Church

By Vi McNally  |  2017-09-08

Pianist Jennifer Reason, Photo courtesy Pioneer Church

Sacramento, CA (MPG) - Jennifer Reason, concert pianist, will perform at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, September 17, at Pioneer Congregational Church, 2700 L Street, across from Sutter’s Fort.

This is the first concert in the 2017-2018 Sacramento Community Concert Association series. Hailed by German critics as a pianist "in the league of Carnegie Hall," a "rising star" whose playing is "lush, sensual and colorful: like a painting" (Sulzbach-Rosenberger),

Reason is a vibrant young performer. Recently she completed her 8th international tour, including twice appearing as a soloist to critical acclaim at the Interharmony International Music Festival in Germany, as well as at the Schlern and Orfeo International Music Festivals in Italy. She has also twice appeared in an ensemble setting at Carnegie Hall, as well as the Vatican, the Liszt Academy in Hungary, and the International Festival of Peace and Brotherhood in Italy.

Reason is a versatile performer of various styles of music from Classical New Music, Jazz to Pop, and Broadway to Gospel. Tickets at the door $25, students $13, subscriptions available by calling the Sacramento Community Concert Association at 916-400-4634.

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Gourd Festival Comes Home

By Jacqueline Fox  |  2017-09-07

Colleen Ballard and Barbara Rippetoe show off some of the fine gourd art to be presented at the festival. Photo by MPG staff

Sacramento County, CA (MPG) - The Gourd is Back. The Northern California Gourd Art Competition and Gourd Exhibit is returning to Orangevale this September, roughly 14 years since it was moved from its original location in Folsom, due to construction of a new shopping center.

The gourd competition and festival, co-hosted by the Folsom and Amador Gourd Artists associations will make its return to Orangevale September 30 at the Orangevale Community Center, where organizers are hoping to keep the festival moving forward, as it has moved more than four times in the last decade.

“We are really thrilled to be able to have the festival back in Orangevale,” said newly installed chairman of the event, Barbara Rippetoe, an accomplished gourd artist and member of both the Folsom and Amador associations, which have a combined membership of 80 gourd artists.  “I really wanted to help move the festival back to Orangevale and after a lot of discussion and investigating, we finally found a new home and are very excited to be coming back.”

The original festival, known as the West Coast Gourd Festival, was launched at Zittel Farm in 1996 in Orangevale. It was held at the farm annually through 2003 with solid attendance and a strong following of some of the region’s most renowned gourd artists, Rippetoe said.  But in 2004, a shopping center was built adjacent to the original location at Zittel Farm, forcing a move to Greg Leiser Farms in Knights Landing, followed by another move to Folsom Park until 2009.  Complications with the Folsom Park location forced another move, this time to Davis Ranch Slough House, where the festival ran through 2015.  It did not run in 2016, said Rippetoe.

Now, with a permanent spot back in Orangevale, says Rippetoe, expectations are high for a large turn-out, both by local gourd artists and novice competitors alike, as well as locals who just want to witness firsthand how many different ways there are to create art from a gourd, typically the dried, hard shell of any one of the countless plants belonging to the cucuritaceae (pronounced kyoo-kur-bi-tey-shuh) family of squash or a pumpkin.

The festival kicks off on Friday, Sept. 29 with gourd art classes taught by several well-known gourd artists, including Toni Best, Joyce Campbell, Vickie Echols and Bettie Lake. Classes are open to all.  Then, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, gourd artists will compete in several design categories and divisions, including a novice category for student entries from the classes held prior to the launch of the competition.

Competition divisions will be available for youth, novice, intermediate, advanced and master level gourd art makers. Gourds will be scored using a point system and judging will consider originality, quality of craftsmanship, creativity and artistry, color and use of accessories, as well as overall decorative work.  These can range from pyrography (burning in designs and shapes) and carving gourds, to those embellished with a vast array of mediums, including paint, fiber art, jewelry, beads, feathers and more.

You don’t have to be a gourd artist to get in on the action. The event is free and, in addition to the competitions, classes and even a gourd hat parade, individual artists will be selling their wares, which may include everything from purses, dolls, jewelry, drums and other items, all made from gourds, of course. 

For more information, please visit:

The Northern Gourd Art Competition and Gourd Exhibit
Sept. 30 to Oct. 1
Orangevale Community Center
6826 Hazel Ave.
Competition Entry Fee: $6.00 for members, $10.00 for all others
Deadline for entries: Friday, Sept. 29 

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Airshow Special for Kids

By MPG Staff  |  2017-09-07

California Army National Guard and California Air National Guard personnel gave inspirational talks about their careers before presenting students with free tickets to the California Capital Airshow. Photo courtesy City of Rancho Cordova

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG) – The California Capital Airshow takes off this weekend! If ever there was a family fun event to see, this is it. With many changes being made to make it even more friendly for the entire family, this weekend-long show of amazing displays, acrobatics and learning opportunities makes it a perfect event to get the kids excited about the world of aeronautics.

The Airshow performances begin at noon each day, Saturday and Sunday, and run to 4:00 pm. Gates open at 9:00. Come early to get a great view.

The CCA has worked hard to make the airshow more family friendly every year. New for 2017, each Adult General Admission ticket includes 4 FREE Youth/Children (ages 15 and under) tickets. Also, children 5 years old and under are free for General Admission tickets only. If more children are attending than what is covered with purchased Adult General Tickets, you will need to purchase Youth/Child’s tickets. For all other ticket options (Mather Club (formerly Shaded Seating), Flight Line Club, Capital Club) a ticket is required for ages 2 and up. Please check for additional information and current ticket prices.

Seating is not included with General Admission tickets so please feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on. Parking is $10. Only cash will be accepted for parking. The fee for each vehicle does not include exit and re-entry.

Small strollers and wagons are permitted. However, they will be subject to search. Due to security concerns, large coolers (exceeding 9 Quarts and/or 10in. x 12in. x 11in.) and large bags are not permitted on the show site. Small coolers (smaller than 9 Quarts / 10in. x 12in. x 11in.) are permitted. Baby food, pre-packaged/sealed snack food and whole fruit are allowed into the Airshow. Homemade items, such as sandwiches, are not permitted.

All personal handbags, totes, diaper bags, etc. are subject to search at the entry gates.

For the safety of attendees and the animals, pets are not allowed on show grounds. Certified service animals are permitted, this does not include companion animals.

Multiple ATMs are available throughout the Airshow.

And be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

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Support Our Sisters Delivers Bras to Women In Need

By Jacqueline Fox  |  2017-09-01

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG) - Lynne Shelton and Sheryl Smith are busy stuffing suit case after suit case with vacuum packed bundles of support bound for underserved women on farms in South Africa.

Mesh bags of bras, yes, that kind of support, adorned in pink polka dots, purple lace, black on black, white, leopard print, red satin, padded, non-padded, wired and soft framed, are strewn across the entryway and much of the dining room in Shelton’s Rancho Cordova home. Bras are pretty much everywhere.

By late August, Shelton and Smith, with the help of a few other volunteers, will board a plane on Emirates Airlines with roughly 1,000 donated bras bound for four different farms in Mokipane, roughly two hours from Johannesburg, where shopping can cost a woman roughly nine month’s wages, not mention prove an aggravating experience for many there who are well-endowed and know only the pains of wearing bras that are as much as two or three sizes too small for them, that is if they have ever even owned one.

“You would be surprised by the number of women working on these farms that either have never worn a bra, or are wearing bras that are too small for them,” says Shelton, founder of Support Our Sisters™ (SOS), which delivered 522 donated new and gently used bras to South African women in need in August of 2016.  “It’s something that we take for granted here, but getting a bra for the first time, to these women, is a huge deal.”

This year, the number of bras being packed into air tight packages and stuffed into roll on suitcases is nearly double the year prior, which is a good thing, because this year SOS will be serving roughly 400 women on four different farms, nearly double the number of women served in 2016.

“That’s how fast this is taking off,” says Shelton, a business attorney and owner of Shelton Law & Associates in Gold River.  She launched SOS in 2015 as an initiative of her foundation Raising a Nation (RAN), which she also founded in 2015 to provide support to the Institute For Ministry Development (IMD) South Africa chapter, with which she got involved through a member of her church, Lakeside, Folsom.

“I was asked by the IMD to go to Bad Se Loop to speak at a conference and I learned about what they were doing and I decided to start a foundation to support them,” Shelton said.

IMD International is headquartered in Denver and has chapters around the globe.  IMD, South Africa, under the direction of Koos Basson and his wife, Jenny, is amidst building ministries in the townships near Mokipane, which will offer educational classes, as well as vocational and goal setting workshops, weekend camps and other resources for youth ages fourth grade and up to 30.

“The goal is to help these people learn about how their government works, how to advance their skills and better their lives,” Shelton says. “You have to think about South Africa, or villages and farms outside of the major cities, as just coming out of a third-world scenario,” she adds. “It has only been just a little over a couple of decades since the end of Apartheid and they don’t have the kind of access to governmental information and education that we have.”

An older, South African woman and farmworker was introduced to Shelton on that trip and, when it was learned she’d been suffering from severe pain a little investigation proved the culprit to be the size of the woman’s bra.

“When she bent over she’d wince in this terrible pain,” says Shelton. “We learned that she’d been wearing a bra that was way too small for her. But that’s how it is there. If you can get the money for a bra, you’re lucky. These women often can’t even afford one, let alone get their hands on the size they need because the sizes available to them are limited.”

With Raising a Nation barely off the ground, Shelton decided to launch its first initiative, Support Our Sisters™, with a mission to bring donated bras to these women. And it turns out there is a lot of support out there for the cause.

“These women have little money and they are often living in the kind of bunkers you’d associate with plantations or farms of the south decades ago,” Shelton says. “Also, because a lot of these women are mothers who have had several children, they are very well-endowed. Our largest size was a 54 DDD. The smallest was 28DDD.”

SOS accepts new and gently used maternity and sports bras, as well as regular ladies bras. There is a high demand for sizes 32, 34 and 36 B or larger, Shelton said.

SOS had hoped to use a cargo liner for the 2017 shipment of bras, but that plan was derailed when the tanker hit a snag that would delay it for weeks. Shipping the bras via air is not cheap: Emirates charges $175 for each suitcase, but offers SOS a discounted price of $158 and donates the full cost of carrying five suitcases.

Sheryl Smith, a broker and owner of Smith Real Estate Services, Inc., also in Gold River, got involved through the same congregation. She serves as treasure for SOS. She says the growth of the initiative is supported by pure, grass roots energy.

“This is very close to my heart,” says Smith. “I’ve always been drawn to helping women in crisis of some kind, so I love what I’m doing. And by no means are we doing this alone. It’s a pure grass roots effort. I’m even calling up my clients and saying ‘Hey, I’m doing this. Would you like to be involved?’ And they are all in.’

Some are jumping in via the SOS Facebook page, coming on board to help with little or no connection to the group but the simple urge to help.  And, it’s not just women.

“We had a male donor find us on Facebook who asked us what we needed,” says Smith. “We said we needed money to ship the bras overseas on the plane. He asked how much. We told him and he just said ‘done.’”

Employees at Harrah’s Casino in Reno took up a collected and recently donated 100 bras to the cause and family and friends of SOS volunteers are making donations from as far away as Kansas.

SOS has also donated bras to local groups helping women in need, including 75 bras to WEAVE, a provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking in Sacramento County, and the Twin Lakes Food Bank.

For more information, call Sheryl Smith, (916) 472-0103, or visit

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